Type : Novel (400 pages)

Author : Roberto Saviano

Genre : Crime

Date : 2017

Country of origin : Italy

From the collection of


School : Sorbonne University

Age : 23 years old

Area of study : Political science

City of study : Paris

The book Im reading at the moment. I love the italian author because he is a political activist and he has strong links with the movie industry.


After the tragic events that are closing Piranhas, Nicolas, said Maharaja, has vowed to take revenge. He will stop at nothing to conquer Naples, bury the old godparents and be crowned king. Surrounded by his baby-gang, Nicolas has never seemed so close to his dream. The cost of blood is high and the race to infinite power; alliances last only as long as money flows. Now feared and respected, Nicolas and his brothers burn their lives at both ends, at the risk of sacrificing those they love the most. Yet, they will have to learn to persist.

After the success of Piranhas, Roberto Saviano completes his immersion in the Neapolitan criminal universe with an apotheosis worthy of the greatest gangster films. Thanks to an equally powerful narrative, it plunges us into a brutal world that can be seen as a reflection of our current society. It is upset by the strength of the story and characters that we close this thrilling novel.

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