stucoco is a platform for students to discover and share the cultural contents that matter to them.

Within stucoco, students from Ile-de-France are invited to share a collection of seven contents of different types (music, artworks, movies, book, events or live shows, places or architecture and food) that they relate to their life as students in their region.

stucoco is a participatory initiative that aims at celebrating the diversity of both cultural contents and individual experiences in Ile-de-France. The name itself is a pun that mixes the definition of it, “students contents collections“, and the french youths’ expression “tu coco“, short word for “tu connais”, which can be interpreted as “you know what I mean” and embodies the horizontal, community relationship stucoco wants to enhance.

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Ile-de-France Region

The Region acts in most areas that concern the action of the 12 million inhabitants of Paris: transport, high schools, apprenticeship, economic development, the environment … In an area that covers 2% of the French territory but brings together 18 % of its population and almost 30% of the national GDP, the Region develops a territory both urban and rural.

The Region counts 663 000 students, 17 universities and 70 schools of higher education. It promotes in particular excellence in teaching in the Paris region, encourages access to higher education, supports orientation. The Region wishes to offer students the best living and working conditions.

Therefore, the Region supports the students with several grants and devices. In 2018, it launched the Student-Ambassadors Awards, which the project stucoco is running for.

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Student-Ambassadors Awards

For the first time in 2018, 118 projects will be conducted by French students going abroad and willing to promote higher education, research and the territory of the Ile-de-France Region.

The awards have two main objectives :

1) Promote the campuses and the higher education, research and innovation ecosystem of Île-de-France with foreign students and researchers to encourage them to pursue their higher education and / or research work in the Île-de-France,

2) Promote the Île-de-France Region and its territory, by highlighting its wealth, its potential in areas of choice (culture, tourism, art, sport, innovation …)

“Participate in the Student-Ambassadors Awards of the Ile-de-France is the opportunity to enhance your life experience abroad in an original way, and to be a privileged and active actor of the international influence of your region.



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